Fleet management solution

Tracit  uses  gps  tracking  to  provide  fleet  management  solution  to efficiently manage your fleet and to monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse. Our fleet management solutions can help decrease costs and improve the overall productivity of your business.

  • By helping you keep a track of your business fleet all the time.
  • By helping you take a step forward towards optimum utilization of resources.
  • By making it easier for you to manage your deliveries.
  • Track how many kms  each vehicle has covered on a trip, in a day or in a month.
  • Track the total time taken by each vehicle on course, with stoppages & over speeding.
  • Request the location of any vehicle of the fleet by just a SMS or missed call.
  • Get yourself timely SMS alerts/Web alerts for stoppages, overspeeding, entering a major city, etc.

Car tracking solution

Track   your  personal  car using  Tracit  GPS  based  car  tracking  solution. Tracit  enables you to track your personal car movement in real time from web and  smartphone. Ensure safety of your Kids,  Parents, Teen  and also Identify car misuse by your driver.

  • Location updates every 10 seconds
  • Live tracking on licensed Google maps, multi maps and multi grid views
  • Continuous tracking, 60 days route history, route play back
  • Dynamic reporting with different types of reports and logs
  • Choice of Web & Android Application
  • Vehicle immobilization through app
  • Over speed alert, Idling alert, offline alert, Ignition & AC alert
  • Know your distance with kilometers
  • Maintenance alert based on kilometer, Engine Hours Period
  • Geo-fencing including way point, area and route with alert mapping on fence breach
  • Location tracking with map link
  • SMS and E-mail Alerts of various parameters
  • Internal GSM / GPS Antenna

    Our features

Our cautiously designed solutions are created with the sole  purpose of providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Indigenous mobile app
  • UI for all key players
  • Auto monitoring
  • Flexibility of data outputs
  • Comfort and compliance status reports
  • Senior management dashboards
  • Dynamic grouping
  • Key performance indicators

School bus solution – No more wait

This school bus tracking system ensures better vigilance and lesser effort for the school management and parents. It is all about the convenience of the parents as well as the school authorities. The school is saved from all the chaos of keeping track of various buses carrying students and intimating parents about their children, whereas parents are benefited by receiving constant information.

  • By installing school bus tracking system you get a knowledge of accurate time of pick and drop off stops.
  • RFID readers & RFID swipe tag will alert the presence of students in the vehicle and in the school.
  • Mobile alert through SMS for the over speeding and rash driving of school vehicles.
  • Optional fuel sensor to know fuel consumed, fuel filled and fuel theft through mobile alerts.
  • Trip summary with exact kilometers covered and time delay at each pickup/drop stops.
  • Alerts to know unnecessary idling of engine and fuel wastage.

Features available for parents

  • Message on Alarm like – “X minutes Y seconds to reach your pickup/ drop point”.
  • Parents can track the vehicle online and check if the vehicle is on route or not.
  • Parents can fetch the last location of the bus as well.
  • Parents will get notifications if the bus is out of route.
  • Settings can be changed very easily.
  • Half an hour buffer on both sides would be added by the system to cover instances like heavy traffic, road blocks etc.